“I have been using Tech360i for all of my company needs for the last 3 years and couldn’t be happier with their service and expertise. They’ve surpassed all of my expectations in quality and customer service!”

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Simply Boundless Entertainment

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This service check is performed automatically - so it's guranteed to happen every day even if your staff is sick or on holiday.  If we find problems, we'll notify you immediately so that your staff can act fast to minimize potential downtime.  We'll even send you a short note to confirm the problems have been solved and the results.  Click here for a sample Daily Report sent via email each morning.

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Anti-Virus, Malware and Patch Status
New viruses are created every day that can cause downtime and lost data ... are you protected?  We let you know where you stand each day (and proactively fixed problems if desired).

Your Data is Fully Backed Up
Unexpected hard drive failures or damage from viruses can cost you thousands of dollars to retrieve your data or in lost productivity.  Data backup is one of the most overlooked items in many small businesses!

Windows Configuration Updates
We verify your systems have updated Operating System files and patches to ensure your IT infrastructure is operating at optimal efficiency.

Tech360i Computer Services

"For less than the daily cost of a cup of coffee, we provide around the clock monitoring of your computer systems to prevent downtime, loss of data, and other problems before they interrupt your business or home activities."  How much did computer related problems cost you last year?

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