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Power Connector
Does your laptop fail to charge properly? Is the connector on the laptop or power cord damaged?

We have used Tech360i on a couple occasions and I gotta say their work is fantastic. They are always on time and never take long to fix my issues, whether it's a printer problem, internet connectivity, or a virus. Their also very reasonable in their prices and educate me about ways to avoid future problems.

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Our technicians at Tech360i fix common laptop hardware and computer problems.  We use certified technicians and all services are guaranteed.

Keyboard Problems
Do you have sticky, missing or keys that do not work?  Have you spilled a beverage on your keyboard? .

Hard Drive Failure
Did you drop your laptop and now it does not operate? Do you have valuable data/pictures on your hard drive but cannot retrieve them?.

Damaged USB Port
Do you have a bad USB port? Improper insertion of USB devices or normal wear and tear are major causes of port problems.

Laptop Repair Solutions

If you are like many people, your laptop has become an indepensible personal and business tool. Because we use or laptops so frequently, laptops are subject to normal wear and tear, so damage is likely at some point.

The main components of a laptop are the LCD display, memory, battery, keyboard, ant the hard drive.  We find many laptop problems start with the power connector or power supply.

The good news is many of the problems listed can be repaired quickly and for far less than you might expect.  Call us for a free quote.

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